Working at Centennial Campus Magnet Middle School allows me the opportunity to be tied to NC State University in ways that I continue to discover. This evening as I scroll through the Twitter feed, I find a tweet from the School of Education where a student proclaims in a video #WhyIChoseEducation. I am encouraged by the enthusiasm and passion. It is this passion that drives us in education.

All day today I moved between conversations with students. I have students that I greet in the morning and check in on for a number of reasons. There might be family stories that I need to hear. I have students that share book titles with me. I have students that I know just need that hello and acknowledgement that I am glad they came to school today. Some of my student leaders connect about some issue of importance. But often in the role of administration, I am discussing issues of discipline with students. And even in these crucial moments, I find these engaging. I am grateful to have the opportunity to take the time to listen and help walk through what happened. Students need the opportunity to have voice and to also begin to see their actions as part of a larger story. It is hard when our kids make the mistakes they do. But I find hope when I can support our students in discovering alternative actions. I am encouraged when they begin to reflect on ways to make it right. And when we find each other in the hallways again, it is my expectation that we continue to hold each other with respect in continuing to grow in learning.

When I think of the statement, #WhyIChoseEducation, most certainly the main reason is in the form of these students that walk into my building every day. Our students come with the best they have to offer. Some days their best is rough. And some days their best humble me with greatness. Students are on a journey. And I am grateful to be a part of their growth. Being a part of the work at Centennial Campus is an honor. We continue to grow. We make mistakes. We reflect. And we hope to make it better tomorrow.