Tomorrow is Exhibition Day for our fifth graders at Joyner. This is a culmination of the work that happens for students in the IB Primary Years Programme. Our students truly begin to see how they take in information and consider how it connects and what then, they can do with it. Tomorrow our students will be showcasing some of learning they have experienced.

Students have read common text that provided them experiences to consider issues that are important to them. Fifth graders discussed the power of arts. They wondered what life would be without arts around them. They considered having a day without arts to showcase how much our world and Joyner is infused with art. Other students have looked into the issue of poverty. They have learned about global issues but also local poverty. I visited a fifth grade classroom the other day where students were practicing their presentations they plan to make tomorrow. Both Ms. Lewis and Mr. Del were encouraging their public speaking skills. Students provided critiques and insight on how to make the presentation more moving. The conversations about how they want to act in moving forward after learning about the issues were creative.

The amount of work that our fifth graders do in accomplishing this “final” task of the K-5 IB experience is incredible. But it is important to be said that this really is work done not just in fifth grade but has been built throughout the years at Joyner.

Our students often are those that seek solutions. Many are eager to provide support to others. Even our first grade students build capacity of giving through their visits to our aging neighbors at Mayview. Our first graders learn to read with these neighbors, interview them and just connect.

It is important work as an IB learner to see that the knowledge we gain is something that we can use to move forward into our world. I enjoy meeting Joyner alum who share the passions they are discovering in work and school. It amazes me when these students seek Joyner to complete service projects or research projects. It feels fulfilling to know that the relationships and learning that happens while at Joyner has left an imprint on students to the point that they want to come back to it.

I wish our fifth graders well tomorrow. I am thrilled with the process they have spent in this Exhibition work. And look forward to celebrating them.