Today was really an ordinary day at Joyner. We started our day in a staff meeting. These are always amazing moments to learn together and from each other. We also took the time to pause and consider the work that we do each and every day. I shared with the staff how powerful they each are in the work they do. The staff celebrated the powers in each other as well. Some of us even dressed in our super hero mode just to bring some fun into the day.

As I look at the rest of the day that was completely filled, I am amazed at the amount of celebrations I could share through Twitter in the work of our teachers. I didn’t even realize how many times I sent a tweet of superpowers in action today. It is amazing that I can walk into classrooms and catch so many powerful things happening.

I encourage you to take a moment and check it out. But I also couldn’t quite capture it all. Ms. Lewis’ class was incredible as they made the connections and thought critically of the Uncle Sam stories and moments of patriotism in our history. Ms. Duncan talked about her students who begin to see that the world is bigger than Raleigh and share with their parents the stories and culture they learn from their Spanish teachers. Ms. Gourley celebrated the intensity and pride of our fourth graders as they prepared to dance the Tango tomorrow. Fourth grade classes were proud to share the plays they had created about a book that has moved them in so many ways. Ms. Pelletier’s class discuss the books they read and how they as authors themselves want to determine what they want to communicate with their readers. Mr. Poyer’s class prepared for action by noticing their whole body stance. Smiles on faces all around. On and on, my day was filled with the incredible work our children are engaged in at Joyner.

I know many of us see those big moments, the projects that wow us as they walk in, the reports students give, etc. But I also notice the small moments of learning that our teachers work with our students everyday on.

Thank you teachers for your superpowers that you extend to our children. And students, I am thrilled to see how you are building your own superpowers of the mind as well.