This past weekend while at my daughter’s middle school, I ran into several JYJ alum. (Side note: I LOVE watching our children continue to grow. I enjoy celebrating who they are continuing to become. I am grateful to meet these students wherever I go and hear their continued stories.) While we chatted, they quickly told me that they would see me this next weekend for the JYJ 5K. With that came my inspiration to write to everyone tonight with an invitation in mind.

Our Joyner 5K is an annual event that celebrates being healthy as a community. If you wonder could your young kinder really make it 3.2 miles? I will tell you absolutely yes. And that brings me to the reason to join us. The motivation to step forward comes from the community that comes out. We have JYJ alum of all ages that stand along the race course who cheer and celebrate all students. There are tons of parents who encourage along the way. The positive spirit along the race course compares to no other.

Then the inspiring bigger kids who truly can race that course wiz by, and it is exciting to see their heart as they work together to accomplish that top prize. It is fun to see the parents who also get into the spirit and take the tempo to the next level.

The JYJ 5K has a place for everyone. Strollers of little ones munching on their crackers, watch the big kids. Parents begin to connect and meet and talk along the way. Professional runners join the fun because of such a positive atmosphere. And then there are teachers that enjoy the afternoon in a relaxed setting with their students and perhaps their own children.

I know I am excited to once again dress as a book character to celebrate accomplishing our book drive goal. Thank you to kindergarten for selecting the book character. Ms. Burton also looks forward to hearing what fourth grade chooses as her book character.

The Joyner 5K is a family event. All are welcome. If the idea of the length worries you, please join us along the route cheering on our JYJ family. I know you will feel lifted and walk away with a lighter step after being at this special event. I look forward to seeing everyone on the course!