In the very filled moments of life, I was surprised when our students walked in today with celebration in mind as they recognized 100 days of learning for this school year. How did we get here so quickly? I have always talked about how living life in an elementary school is fast. Our ten months with children really fly. I start to notice when they return in January that their legs seem a bit longer, the heads seem to be held up more, the faces mature. I sometimes have to stop and think about what grade a student is in because time just flies.

Our students are the focus of our work at school. And to consider our days, we might have taught for 100 days but now we only have 80 left. Our teachers gear up for some great teaching and learning in the next months. We feel every moment seems to slip away and don’t want it to not be tied to something that gave greater learning or connection for our students.

Sitting with the first semester done, we want to emphasize the support of the parents in helping our children grow at least a year. Reading at home, completing homework, strong attendance are just a few things. We also think about what we are doing in the classrooms. We are excited to meet all together one last time this year on an early release day this Friday. We will look deep into our mid-year data and lay out the plans for this second part of the year.

I am excited to see how minds will grow. I am grateful for the relationships that we have built. And proud of the growth we are making. Well done students. Let’s enjoy these next few moments in the 80 days ahead.