Today one of my fifth graders came up to me to celebrate his great day. He immediately shared that he was having such a great day because his mind was full of great things. When I had walked into this classroom, he was completing his Genius Hour work and feeling pumped. His comment came with such confidence that I believe he really was full of positive and felt it was all going his way. Wonderful!

I then had multiple moments with both fourth graders and their parents as the buzz was surrounding the completion of their invention projects. This afternoon, our media center became home to the great Fourth Grade Invention Convention. Tomorrow our students will showcase their innovative minds through sharing the inventions they dream to become reality. Multiple times parents shared how in awe they were with their children completing this project on their own. The inspirations came from every day living of a fourth grader. The idea was for the students to put their minds to work, not make it anyone else’s work.

At this time of year, we have tried to capture every moment to keep our minds on learning. Our teachers have kept driving our learning in classrooms. I have enjoyed seeing the focus on building minds. We have a full week of learning left before we all receive a well deserved break.

I wish everyone a great last few weeks of 2016. Thank you for your support in helping our students stay focused on the work we have to complete before we leave. Let’s keep those minds working.