This evening I was able to take the opportunity to go with my family to vote. We stood in a long line. My children experienced candidates walking through the line speaking and sharing their views. They listened to conversations and enjoyed pointing out the signs they have become accustom to. I was glad for the large grassy lawn and the books we brought to pass the time. My husband and I discussed our first voting experiences in school and what candidates rose up with great interest in our early childhood. We reminisced those first experiences as our children listened.

As we entered into the building to go through the voting experience. My children became quiet. They read the signs and asked questions about our District. Maps were studied on the wall. They watched me answer questions about my address and pick up the ballot. And then they silently watched as I completed the ballot. Finally my son commented on the long list of people. He was seeing the names he has heard in so many places all listed together in one place. I told him how that was amazing to see how many people wanted to help to lead our country in so many different ways.

As we checked the number of folks on the ballot box that have voted before us, we walked away talking about what just happened. I enjoyed sharing this experience with my children. We were able to make visible this thing that they learn about in school called democracy. They witnessed a piece of their history.

Shared experiences create the memories of our children. The stories of being together in experiences I hope allows them to see more deeply why we do what we do. I hope they see how our country makes decisions from beyond the textbook and put into real life. Maybe they too will sit in line someday waiting to vote and will remember this election and the time their parents took them to stand in long lines with many others looking for their voices in vote to be heard.