I ran into a “former” parent this afternoon. It was wonderful to catch up and hear how her children were doing. She mentioned that her children were trying to convince her to return for the Jamboree this Friday evening. We remarked on how many alum show up to volunteer and be a part of the Jamboree atmosphere. It reminded us both that once a JYJ family member, always family. Perhaps you are never a “former” parent of JYJ.

The Joyner Jamboree is once again this Friday night. This is a PTA sponsored event. First of all it is important to note, this is not a fundraiser. Our PTA creates this event for the Joyner family to get together and have a great time. Countless numbers of parents will volunteer their time throughout the evening. Our children will laugh and play together finding classmates and former classmates. Our parents also take the opportunity to connect and reconnect. I am always overwhelmed by the number of people that come out for this event.

This year we are adding a quiet space for those of us that might not always enjoy the outgoing event. I am proud of our parents for quickly recognizing this opportunity to be sure we include all members of our JYJ community. I am thankful to our parents who advocate for all children.

If you haven’t considered attending, I encourage you to make an effort. Come join in celebrating the Joyner spirit and enjoy those moments that make this community so strong.