Many of our teachers have a practice of bringing the class together in a circle time. During these moments, the class sits together. The teacher usually leads the group in discussions about different things. The class family is built. A community grows. Students learn about each other. And through this relationship building, they also set expectations of how the class will work with each other. As these circles become stronger, students feel comfortable raising issues, solving problems and gaining confidence in the learning community that they spend their days in.

Our staff has also experienced this circle work as adults. In an effort to build our understanding to lead in the classroom, we have practiced together as adult learners. This week the team that I join decided to practice the circle discussion again. We each shared what we need to feel successful in the group. This question came straight from the circle stems that we share with teachers to use in the classroom. It was powerful for us to share with each other. These conversations help us build stronger adult relationships.

When the adults in a school work well together, the positive impact can be seen in the work that we then turn around and do with our students. The interactions that we have with each other and with our families are critical. Building trust and relationships is what makes our whole school family strong.

Continuing to nurture relationships is important work. And it is work that is never done. Classrooms will continue to build school family throughout the year. And it is our hope that we continue to nurture our adult relationships as well. Through building that trust, we can all work more positively towards growing all students.