Earlier this week, I met with the chairperson of the Study Buddy program that our PTA sponsors. As we sat with my instructional support team, we talked about ideas of how our community would like to support the learning and growing of students in our building. There was a passion in this parent’s voice as she shared her hope for all children at Joyner to succeed. She talked about how the study buddy program is to reach out to all students. Parents want to serve our whole population of children.

This is the theme that I hear whenever I meet with committees of our PTA. Our PTA serves all students of Joyner. The programs that our PTA provides are incredible. I am grateful for the service and people-power that our PTA generates whenever there is a need. We have fun events that celebrate our School Family like the Jamboree. We have events that encourage all of our health through the Healthy Choice Marathon and 5K. Our children enjoy the Cultural Arts programs that are presented throughout the year. I can go on and on with the programing we have at Joyner.

I know the Fall No Fuss Fundraiser is nearing its end. Our PTA has goals that we want to reach out and achieve. I know these goals of funds are only raised because we have a drive for creating the incredible learning and living environment that our children experience at Joyner everyday.

I want to say thank you to our parents and community for the constant support they bring to our Joyner Family. Thank you to our Parent Teacher Association for coordinating so many events and programs. I look forward to an incredible year of partnership.