The first week of school is full of excitement as we build our classroom family community. We get to know each other. We learn the procedures. It is a lot of connecting. We infuse curriculum but our big purpose those first days is that relationship.

Walking into classrooms this week has been amazing. Teachers are digging into teaching and curriculum. I enjoy seeing the teachers so excited to get into the content. The energy is incredible bringing that content to life. Just this morning as I visited classrooms, I noticed the buzz of excitement that the teachers are bringing. All the ideas that swirled through the summer are starting to be put into place. The conversations and learning play out.

Teachers bring an incredible energy to their craft. And that excitement is felt as I walked around the building these last couple of days.

I am proud of the steps we are taking this year to dig deeper into teaching. We are holding ourselves to high expectations; and our conversations have grown even more extensive in crafting teaching and learning. I am impressed by the conversations and planning aligned with our IB work. There is a great energy at this beginning of the year that our teachers are embracing.

I am thankful for the support our community gives to lift our teachers and honor the work they do for our students everyday. Thank you for a great start to this amazing year of learning and growing!