This week has been full. So much energy all over Joyner. There are plenty of loud moments of students singing together, laughing, playing and on and on. But I also find some pretty incredible quiet moments. I enjoy walking into classrooms this week and the students are leaning forward as their teachers read to them.

This afternoon I happened into a classroom of quietness. Music was in the background but not taking over. Students were all intently reflecting on their year in writing. I sat down to join the class and began signing yearbooks and talking quietly with different students that came over to chat. Students then started to bring writing samples. These samples showcased their first writing sample of the year and their last one. They shared with me how they have grown. Some notice the amount of dialogue they now include and use parenthesis correctly! One student and I laughed as we noticed how much she had grown taller and yet her handwriting was smaller. A small discussion came up as to why that was.

This morning at our 5th grade celebration, our students filled the overhang with song. And then were so respectful and quiet as each of their classmates’ names were read. Joy was all through this morning’s event.

All of these moments help us to reflect on our year and the fun and learning that happened. We have one more day to celebrate 2015-2016 together. I look forward to finding both moments throughout the day. Small connections of saying goodbye for the summer and loud celebrations.

Thank you for a great year!