The end of a school year is an interesting time for everyone in a traditional school. There is a level of excitement for a well-earned break. Summer looms ahead with plans of nothing and everything. Boundaries are open. Trips are planned. Rest and lack of bedtimes lay before everyone. There is an ease about the summer that everyone gets excited about.

But I also see our youngest students who haven’t learned the rhythm of school. They feel the excitement of the building but aren’t quiet sure what is going on.

Our older ones know that life is going to be different for the next few months. And sometimes that lack of schedule can give an uneasy feeling.

We also find our fifth graders thrilled for middle school and the idea of growing up, but also realizing they are leaving their Joyner home for the last time.

There is an excitement and uncertainty that fills the air.

For teachers we hurry to finish assessments. We have final end of the year paperwork. We have possible shifts in classrooms in the building. We begin to build our class lists for next year. It is busy and there is excitement for that summer break as well.

I encourage our families to consider all of this energy and work with your children to check in. Notice their feelings. Talk about the certainties. And remind them of the familiarities.

I look forward to enjoying our last week together as a 2015-2016 school family.