I visited several classrooms today as they prepared their students for the EOG tests that begin tomorrow at Joyner. Here is what I noticed. In one grade level, teachers had prepared slides with talking points about the test for the students who have never experienced the End of Grade tests. They shared what it will look like, sound like, feel like, etc. They gave real examples to create a visual of what to expect during the tests. Students were asked along the way how they were feeling. All questions were answered. And overall, I just heard confident teachers sharing their encouragement. The teachers kept everything calm and clear. I heard teachers tell students how they get to show all they have learned. Teachers reminded them how each student was prepared.

I also noticed teachers building up confidence by showing children all the different things they know. In one math class, they breezed through their math journals discussing different points of learning. Kids were eager to share ideas. Others were able to ask clarifying questions. And again, teachers were clear and calm in sharing their confidence in each child.

An ease and calm manner filled each space in preparation for these EOG tests. We want our students to understand they have learned, we have taught and now they can just shine.

We encouraged our parents to feed and rest the kids. And in the end, all will be well. I am glad for the community of learners that feel comfortable to ask questions. I am thankful for teachers that keep the focus on positive celebration of learning.