Today our amazing Joyner PTA served up lunch for all staff at Joyner. Parents swarmed the school to help take classes so teachers could spend some time together eating as a community. I am so thankful to have a community that loves on our teachers so often.

Tonight I sat in a ballroom filled with teachers. These teachers were nominated and selected by their peers to represent their schools as Teachers of the Year. Wake County placed the red carpet out for teachers. Family members came to support and celebrate the hard work that teachers do everyday to make a difference. County leaders from both the school board and commissioners spoke and celebrated. District leadership expressed words of gratitude and respect. It was a beautiful night to honor the work that our teachers do daily for children.

This morning we welcomed our newest members of the Joyner family. Our rising Kindergartners entered into school this morning and walked down the hallways on their own for the first time. There was a magic that the Kindergarten teachers held as they welcomed each child into this new world of learning.

We know our work is precious and important. It is enormous and grand and yet so simple and direct as well. Each little person that enters our school is welcoming by these important adults that come everyday to make a difference. The adults that enter Joyner come to help children grow.

Thank you, teachers, for your work. Thank you for being that difference in the life of a child.