I walked into Ms. Kaswarra’s third grade classroom yesterday. They were comparing salt water and fresh water by watching what happens to an egg. The room was filled with questions, conversations and salt. I started listening to the discussions and debates. One student would pipe up that their egg was floating. Some students would rush over and ask how they did it. Explanations, conversations and more questions.

I asked Ms. Kaswarra if the eggs were hard boiled or not. She shared that they had to be raw. We then started asking each other why was that. Pretty soon we were engaged in inquiry as well.

I enjoy being at a school that I get to wonder and ask questions. It is so interesting to walk into a room where the teacher has just placed a question out into the class and is watching what happens.

Questions can be hard. But it is fun to push back and ask the next question to get deeper into thinking.

When was the last time you asked a wondering question? Not just a question asking how the day went but a question about the content your student is learning. Practicing to wonder taps a part of our mind that we used more often as kids I think. I encourage everyone to engage in inquiry. You never know where you will go with it.