Many of our staff have joined the enthusiasts of counting our steps in a day. We find it is a fun way to encourage each other in living healthier. I am always surprised when I feel that buzz during my day that celebrates hitting my 10,000 steps.

Today was one of those busy days. Before school actually begins can be an active time to connect with teachers, check on facilities and maybe even look at email. Once the day begins I love being at the front of the building welcoming families and our students into a new day of learning. Even during this first thirty minutes, I might be called to some place in the building. I try to move quickly to the call and then get back to the front. Sometimes I end up walking around to finish conversations, drop an idea off with someone or connect a conversation I had at the front door to the rightful ear.

I love then hitting the hallways and classrooms to continue to say good morning and see how the day will begin. I don’t have a usual path that I follow but I do my best to trace my steps down the hallways, stairwells and campus outside. There are meetings that come up and stops I make through my day. Watching my steps, I love walking to answer an email in person rather than write back.

Moving through the building is a great way to interact with the learning as so many of our teachers use the space outside of their rooms for students to partner to collaborate. The students are always eager to share the discussion with me, perhaps ask an opinion and often expect my questions. Today it was a debate about a particular fourth grade text and if I should read it or not.

Lunch time today was funny as one student compared steps with me. We discussed how we get our steps in each day. He laughed that I get more stairs.

The rest of the day moves. I like transitioning outside at recess time as I get to stop and perhaps kick a ball or block a shot. Yesterday a group asked for me to watch their Joyner cheer they just created.  I also heard about the imaginary world others were building with the rocks.

The end of the day excitement seems to make me hop as well. My usual duty spot might be buses that often entails running in and out of the building, looking for students, encouraging slow feet that don’t want to leave, or distracted kids enjoying one last chat with the other teachers’ on duty.

I have never experienced the same day twice at Joyner. And I enjoy earning each step every day here, pedometer or not.