Throughout our students’ time with us at Joyner, our teachers encourage our students to begin to see the world as a place they are truly a part of. Students are encouraged to see challenges and consider solutions. When they see something that they struggle with, they look for answers. We want our students to move to action. We build lessons throughout the years. Our younger students visit and connect with our older generation neighbors down the street. Students meet with me about ideas to improve school. In so many ways, our students engage in solutions in their world.

When we get to fifth grade, we celebrate this drive to act through the IB Exhibition. Students meet in teams. They have adult mentors. They make a decision on what they want to build deeper knowledge in and then act on. It is always an interesting time of year because I find myself in lots of meetings with students. I listen to proposals, I ask a ton of questions and it is always important that the student leads the movement and action. Sometimes the interviews and questions are hard. But I never am surprised with the passion that our students bring to their projects.

Next Tuesday evening, our students finally will present their ideas. There will be skits, informational bulletins, videos, and more. Students have been cleaning our grounds, organizing read-a-thons, collecting items to donate, educating other classrooms of students and so on. We invite our Joyner community to this Exhibition event to celebrate the 6 years of IB learning at Joyner.