For the past couple of weeks, Ms. Bell, our tech. facilitator, has been setting up our upper grade students with email accounts for the Google classroom. She asks them to try their first email and gives them my email address. At different points through the past week, my email all of a sudden fills with kid emails. And I have taken the time to read and respond to these.

What I have noticed in these communications is what our students pay attention to. They talk with me about what they are learning. They share what they like about their teacher and school. Many students talk about how they enjoy when they see me come in and watch them learning. In reading these emails, I am reminded that our children are always watching and listening to the adults around them. Our children bring such valuable perspective. They have great suggestions. They notice the details we might not.

Keep in mind that our children come to us with open eyes and ears taking in knowledge. The knowledge that the teachers give but also the knowledge that the world offers from moving through it. I have appreciated this reminder from our students to be mindful.