I met with the PTA communication team this past week. We discussed the many different ways that parents receive information from Joyner. We continue to reflect and attempt to keep things streamlined so parents have the information they need when they need it.

The weather on Wednesday and the subsequent early closing of school was another opportunity for us to reflect on how quickly we can reach our parents to ensure that our students would make it home safely. First of all, every parent should receive a phone message from Wake County. This phone message service is the same that I use every Sunday afternoon to communicate news from school. If parents do not receive this message, then we need to connect because we must not have your most updated phone number.

The next point of communication came from your teacher. Teachers emailed and attempted to make phone calls. We worked through our phone lists and emergency contacts in order to find a voice to communicate with.

Our PTA is always there to support. Our PTA uses a tool called MemberHub. I immediately connect with the the PTA president to get a message out through that system to communicate with parents.

All of these systems are in place for you to hear from Joyner in emergency cases but also just to stay in the know.

Please consider the line up and if you are getting the information you need.

Sunday School Message- This comes to the phone number in our system. This information is also posted on our Joyner website to go back to anytime during the week. Up coming events are shared in this tool

MemberHub- PTA communications and many teachers use the tool to communicate through as well.

Email- Teachers use this tool to communicate, and it is the parents’ way to contact teachers easily as well.

Twitter- Our way of sharing the learning and what life looks like at Joyner each day.

My blog- Just another form of sharing life at Joyner and what we do together to build a strong learning world for our children.

We are thankful for the smooth dismissal on Wednesday. Our parents were responsive and understanding and quick to respond. Together we kept our children safe. Thank you!