Last Friday we kicked off together with our PTA the Healthy Choice Marathon. We spend 26 focus days thinking about the choices we make to a healthier life together. We celebrate at the end with the Joyner 5K run/walk. If you haven’t already heard, we encourage our students to choose a healthy food or try a new healthy choice every day, get outside, play and be active and finally keep that mind healthy by reading.

I always love this month as we focus on what we know is important every day throughout the year. But the excitement from students truly is what makes this time so special. This year Ms. Childress and I are on the news each week talking about a different aspect of the marathon. This week we shared our healthy food choices and encouraged kids to try something new. As I walked through the lunchroom during my duty time, I enjoyed the students showing off the different foods their parents picked or they picked out of the cafeteria. Students selected the cucumber slices Ms. Haithcox had in the cafe. I love the energy around trying things that are healthy.

Many of the teachers dig into this as well. We talk about drinking more water and how many steps we take a day. You would be surprised how many laps they get in the classroom in a days teaching. We encourage each other. Our PTA provides Healthy Wednesday Workouts.

I am grateful to a community of learners who see this whole child focus as important. Our parents help and encourage us to celebrate healthy lives. These healthy choices help us all smile more and enjoy more the learning we do every day.

Good luck everyone in making your own healthy choices. Share these choices with your children and talk about it.