I sit here and think about my morning as I stood in the lobby welcoming our children and families. This morning was an example of the busyness of that beginning of day time. I think about how I was able to catch up with a parent about her older child now in middle school. I was given a recommendation of a good read. I found myself hugged from behind multiple times. I was asked about light bulbs. I watched one of our many toddlers peddle down the hallway away from mom and back towards the older sibling. I was asked about a schedule. And so on and so on.

So much can happen in those first 30 minutes that our children come in the building. From my vantage point, I am able to welcome the many families that walk their children into school. There are families that park deep in the neighborhood just to have the opportunity to walk their children into the building. I enjoy watching interactions between family members. I even get to see siblings hug quickly before they head off down different hallways. I see families carrying projects of all shapes. I see families who rush in.

I am able to greet our children who come off of the bus into the building. I get a lot of hugs, high fives and opportunities to be one of the first to check in. I get to hear the funny stories from the night before. I hear the concerns that also might have come up. I get caught up on game stats from basketball games. I am asked about weekend football.

Children are coming from all directions. Many of our students are carrying books to and from the media center. They stop to share their new book or we talk about the book going back. There are times that parents grab me for a quick question or just stop to share stories.

I find these connections so important in starting my day. Having the opportunity to make eye contact or say good morning to so many of our children is something that I treasure every morning. It can be a time to solve problems or even catch something before it even becomes a problem.

I also love the buzz that our hallways are filled with. Parents connect with other parents. Teachers and parents connect. And students are everywhere beginning their day and settling into their school setting. I am so thankful to the staff on duty all the way down the hallways who continue to greet our children. I love the rituals I see between different staff and students. I enjoy knowing that many of our children are building relationships with staff beyond their own classrooms.

It is a busy time in the morning and I am thankful for the atmosphere and positive start to my day.