It is amazing that we sent our second quarter report cards home this week. That small envelope indicates that we are halfway through this school year. My how time flies when having fun and learning! These next few months are truly the critical learning time. Students dig even deeper into the content that makes their grade level. Every day is important as we grow. Every day of instruction helps our students receive that nurturing that they need.

I know we have so much to contend with during this time of year as well. The cooler temperatures often bring on new illnesses. We encourage hand washing at a constant. Weather is always something to watch as well. As we watch inclement weather begin to unfold, our teachers begin to encourage students to pack up books to bring home. We encourage games to play when caught in the house. We hope that that spirit of inquiry continues to be ignited during their snow play and while the ice melts.

Now is the time for learning. Help make every moment count for our students. Be sure to have students here well before that final morning bell rings to begin learning. Know that we are teaching up to the 3:00 end time. Our instruction blocks are scheduled until 3:00. Even when we are in dismissal mode, our students are encouraged to have a book in hand to read and take advantage of those extra moments. Teachers are often connecting in small groups with some extra instruction time.

The homework time is also important. Taking the time to allow your child to show you what they are learning is key. Listen to how they are processing the math. You might be surprised to hear how they are thinking through math. Listen to them tell you a story. Ask them questions about the book they are reading. I know how busy that evening time can be, but taking those extra moments of focus can help propel your child forward in growth.

Now is the time for learning. How fun it is to watch our children grow their minds!