Sitting and listening to the weather reports tonight, I reflect on the snowy weather from last year. There were many unexpected days at home with our children last year. The nerves of potential winter weather has begun to buzz in the community today. As a parent, I know I assess what I need to be prepared. But these needs aren’t all revolving around milk and bread.

Everyone loves a snow day. There is truly something magical for our children living in the south to play in that fluffy white stuff. I enjoy seeing the families tweeting and sharing pictures.

The unknown can be exciting but perhaps a little unnerving for our children. Not knowing if we have school can be challenging. Children like to know. Children feel a sense of safety when they have the information of what is happening. Talk through the different possibilities with your children. Talk about what will happen with the many possibilities. Let them know the what if’s of early school closings, etc. Remind them how they will be safe.

Enjoy the snow and play. Also find ways to encourage the inquiry. Allow the questions, explore the science behind the snow. Curl up afterward and read and share stories. Snow days can always be a gift for the family. Preparing can make it even more successful. Stop by the library. Grab some books. And let’s hope the weather holds off to the weekend!

Be safe, Joyner family!