I have found myself caught in several meetings right after meetings these last few days. These are critical moments that lead to opportunity to collaborate with colleagues, connect with parents, brainstorm with teachers. When I find myself in these back to back meetings, I am more determined to find myself out in the community of learning at Joyner to keep my balance. This afternoon I wrapped up a meeting and quickly jumped up. I declared that I must get out to see the learning.

I love those purposeful moments of checking in throughout the building. There are particular students who immediately see me and want that interaction. Others that I seek out to connect. Teachers know they can quickly ask that question hanging in their minds.  And overall, I enjoy seeing everyone at work in the various activities that our teachers are engaging students in.

I love seeing the essence of what is happening on different grade levels. Our fifth grade enjoyed shining with their respect for shared spaces as they lined up and transitioned to the hallway for specials. Several pointed out to me how well they were doing. One checked in on my health after noticing my cough a few days ago. Our first graders gathered around teachers as they transitioned from lunch to literacy learning. Our kindergartners were active in wrapping up their afternoon activities and preparing to move to Spanish. Third graders were all huddled into reading work with noses in books. They were eager to show me what their texts were. Our second grade were busy making the final touches to their culmination activity happening tomorrow. There was a buzz in each of the classes about their projects and expectations to shine in their work. And finally I enjoyed seeing our fourth graders finally at break with recess play. While enjoying the sun, they were bundled against the cold.

Again, I am amazed at how active we are in the building. Elementary school is an exciting place where we have children in six grade levels all engaged in learning and growing. And when I complete my visits and head to my next meeting, I feel a little more filled up. The energy I get when walking the building and being present in classrooms is truly filling and energizing. How lucky I am to enjoy the busy work of learning at Joyner!