Happy New Year!

In this fresh start of a new year, we often take the time to reiterate those behaviors and structures that help us have a safe and strong learning environment. Our classroom teachers spend the time reteaching and continuing the building of the class community.

This week, our administration team has also visited each and every classroom. As we spend our time with the students, we focus on our whole school family. We share with students how large our school family is with 722 children to care for. We celebrate our school family community. We also talk with the students about how each of us has a role in building this school family and keeping it safe. In our conversation we talk about the shared spaces.

I enjoy helping build the image of shared spaces with our students. They seem to enjoy the idea that all 722 of the students all pass in the hallways, eat in the cafeteria, play on the playground and use the bathrooms. We talk about our roles in helping to keep our school family safe and how we can be helpful through being respectful in our actions.

It is our hope that we continue to allow our students to be a part of building and strengthening our school family. As we leave each classroom, we leave the students with a task. We have asked each child to consider what area of our shared spaces would they like to commit in improving. I share that I always can work on using a softer voice in the hallways. The students have giggled when I tell them that people are always stopping to talk to me in the hallways and I need that reminder to keep that soft voice because learning is happening in classrooms nearby. They are also fascinated when I tell them how we all have areas we want to grow and improve in.

I encourage you to ask your student what was their commitment they have made for our school family in those shared spaces.

Happy New Year and thank you to all who also have a part in building that large school family!