Today many of our students presented a Spanish dance cultural arts program. Throughout the year, all students will experience at one point the opportunity to learn a dance from a Spanish speaking country and perform it in some way. Once a year, one set of dancers perform during the school day for their peers and families. Through this event, Sra. Onate teaches everyone about each dance. She provides some cultural connection.

I am always so moved by our dancers. I enjoy seeing how the faces of anticipation come through the door to perform. I talked with students who were experiencing the dance for the first time. Their nerves and pride were meshed. I also enjoy hearing the anticipation from seasoned dancers especially our fifth graders who know the momentous moment is the end of this dancing experience at Joyner.

Today was wonderful. The dancers swirled and performed. The faces in the audience were fantastic. I am so appreciative of our families who smile and enjoy all of the dancers. I know there are memories that flash through the parents of older students. As we watched our young first graders twirl their skirts or try to keep their hats on their heads, I see in the eyes of the parents the memories of when their child once was that small. I also see in the eyes of our parents of the younger students surprise of how big the kids get as they grow older.

So many families came into Joyner today to celebrate the dancers. Our cafeteria was filled with parents who decided to stay for lunch with their children. There was an air of celebration and family today that gave a wonderful energy.

Thank you Spanish team for your excellence in teaching our children. Thank you to our families for supporting our students in this creative act. And thank you to our students who take seriously this cultural experience.