This morning our staff joined together to review and reflect on our first quarter data. The incredible discussion that these vertical teams had at such an early hour was powerful and real. Whenever we sit as a school to talk data, we remind ourselves and each other that behind the numbers are the individual children that we teach each day.

Today we had that big picture view of Joyner in learning. Then the bell rang, we all scattered into classrooms and spaces around the school. And our individual work began. I consider my day today. How many individual moments did I have with students? Our teachers take these moments all day long. There are conversations, re-teaching moments, intervention talks, parent conferences, phone calls, etc.

We balance each day our whole school and the needs and the decisions that impact it while still remembering each child as an individual with a unique story that they bring to the classroom and day.

As I came home tonight, I reflected on that jump and dance that we take as a school. Today was the example of looking at both big picture and single snapshots.

I am thankful to work in a place that navigates both. We hold ourselves accountable while still continuing to be driven by each individual child.