Tomorrow is one of my favorite field trips our students take. Our 2nd graders take their trip to the NC Farmers Market. Depending on the units of study students are completing or currently working on, the students have different activities to engage in with the Farmers Market landscape. In the past, the students finish their economics unit. This year, they will focus on their weather unit. What an incredible opportunity to engage in learning through multiple curriculums in the experience they will have! One of the activities students will do is interview farmers. They have talked about impact of weather. They will ask farmers to draw conclusions and share experiences of their produce and the impact the lack of rain and then the two full weeks of rain had on their crops. The opportunity to talk with these primary sources of information are invaluable. Students must practice communication skills in both speaking and listening. They listen with purpose and connect their learning. How fun to live this innovative teaching and learning.

Back at school, some of our fifth graders will showcase their Might Memoirs. Students have written from different perspectives on themselves in these collection of short narratives. They will express their favorites to an audience of families ready to listen and engage. Also our fifth graders continue to build their documentaries on weather and its impact on a historical event. Our technology teacher works collaboratively with the fifth grade team of teachers to provide the tools for these documentaries to be creative. Students are receiving innovative teaching and learning through this integrated unit of study.

In our Leadership meeting yesterday, our 4th grade team lead and our Kindergarten team lead began to discuss their different units of study and how to meld the two engaging learning opportunities together. While our 4th graders are becoming Kid camouflaged, our Kindergarten students map their world at Joyner and geocache. Sitting back and listening to these two teams discover links was incredible and engaging for all of the members of the team to consider.

Living and breathing our work at Joyner as an IB school is amazing each day. It is exciting to hear our District’s Strategic Plan that encourages this innovative teaching and learning experience as one that will help up support our learners in their goal of being creative and collaborative members of our community. I am excited to see this integration celebrated and honored even further. We have believed at Joyner for a long time that empowering our teachers to create and design meaningful learning experiences will encourage our students to learn in a deeper way. We constantly focus on making the “must” learning also include the integration of innovation.