Our days are so busy. As we end this quarter, we are finishing projects, updating our assessments, and capturing last-minute data. Conferences are happening. And through it, our students are busy with school life.

I love finding the important moments of my day in the hallways and classrooms. I enjoy capturing learning in the moment. I walked into our fifth grade reading classrooms today. I am so impressed in how our students are putting themselves deeper into text. They are willing to take the time to ask more thoughtful questions with each other and share their ideas with the class. In one particular classroom, the teacher and I held our breath as one of our quieter students expressed his ideas in his literature group. So courageous!

On the other side of the hallways, our science and math classes were engaged in work that I can only describe as truly IB. I love when I see so many subjects rolled together into the project on the floor that the group of students are huddled around. The buzz in learning is so unique and special with these fifth graders putting inquiry in action.

Our magnet tour time has begun. On Fridays we have groups of parents curious to learn about Joyner. It is always fun to catch up with the families as they gather in the hallway with our magnet coordinator. We take a very organic approach to these visits. As an IB school, it is important to invite the interested families into our hallways and classrooms. An IB school is more about a feel of the learning happening throughout the building. We absolutely love to have our families see the Spanish in action. But we also are able to showcase the IB magnet theme throughout the classrooms. PE, art and music align their work with the IB planners.

Our Fridays with magnet tours don’t look any different from our Mondays through Thursdays. Because everyday there are amazing moments of learning happening.