The last three days have been filled with important meetings. On Monday, our PTA Board met for the first time this year. It is amazing to hear the focus and commitment of our parent population to support all students at Joyner. We had representatives from Wake PTA and someone on the state leadership for PTA’s as well. It was a testament to the commitment of our community to support our work at Joyner with such passion.

On Tuesday, I attended our first School Improvement Plan Core committee meeting. Our representatives shared the current realities of the teams. The members shared the celebrations, work and challenges. We then participated in a chalk talk conversation. In this experience, the team communicated ideas, responded to each other and challenged with questions. What a focused group targeting where we want to see growth and forward movement for our school!

And finally today was a Teacher Workday. It is so rare for our teachers to find any length of time to learn together as a whole body. This morning was ignited with the drive that our Joyner teachers have for their art and craft. We worked collaboratively and engaged in conversation and reflection on the work of school. The activities that we participated in were models of instruction that we will take back to classrooms. We also built on to the strong relationships we have with each other. There was great laughter. There was thoughtful listening. The spirit of inquiry and learning was at the heart of the work. Every moment was filled with lively meaning making to Joyner.

Our students are constant in all three of these organized meetings. The individuals that walk into our school every day give us meaning. The different needs give us purpose to continue to grow. And it is through community that we make a difference.

This morning we talked about the 4C’s in education. These four core ideas are Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Creativity and Communication. As I look back at these three meetings, as adults we participated in all four of these skills. The impact of our work in classrooms will be skills that hopefully translate to the future for our students.