Four weeks and rolling. I walked into many classes today and enjoyed seeing the children engaged in learning. Teachers are teaching. The business of school is on its way. Our kindergarteners are looking more comfortable as they move through the hallways. I enjoy their brilliant waves and smiles of excitement as they pass. It is always fun to have those greetings and moments with the students.

I walked into a classroom this morning while the students were engaged in many different math activities. The atmosphere was comfortable and filled with learning noise. Students looked up from their discussions to talk with me. They shared the different ideas they were having on the content in front of them. I have found that the students are always willing to share with me what’s happening in the classroom.

I love having those moments of engagement, but I also enjoy when the students are so involved they are surprised to notice I have been sitting near them just listening. It is in those moments that I hear students encouraging others. They think aloud, they process, and provide feedback. Teachers are always everywhere in the classrooms. During those active moments of learning, I am hard pressed to see the teachers as they are on their knees, sitting on the floor, or bending over listening. It is always fun to see what captivating conversation they are having with individuals or groups.

Although it is only mid September, we are learning. We are growing. We are engaged. Each moment is filled and important to our work. As I walked out of a classroom as they were wrapping up a lesson, the teacher exclaimed that they had two minutes before heading to Spanish. The teacher quickly engaged the students in asking for any random inquiry. And the session of fun began. Two minutes mean the world in our classrooms.

Today was a fun day to capture these moments and share how we are engaged.