At the beginning of each year, our teachers reflect on their practice and determine what ideas would they like to grow in their teaching and work with students. We talk as a whole school. We look at our data. We consider our celebrations and our struggles. And then we commit to an idea.
Our teachers this year have already started developing a plan for our students. I spend these beginning weeks connecting individually with teachers to listen to their plans. I love that teachers are eager to share, collaborate and seek ideas to explore. Teachers truly are amazing learners who recognize that their own growing impacts positively our students and their growth.
Folks, I will just say that after sitting through these meetings, our students are in for some incredible work by the teachers. The ideas I am hearing are innovative, targeted, and real. The drive that our teachers bring to building on their practice is inspiring.
We have built a board of the ideas we are growing. We have self-appointed partners that we will connect with to hold us accountable and dare us to grow further. And through it, our goal is to see the positive impact on learning and growing for our students.
Thank you teachers for modeling how we all can grow and learn.