Yesterday morning I had two amazing meetings with different members of our PTA. We talked about different service areas that can support Joyner. In one meeting, we talked about how we can ensure that all parents feel connected to the many activities our PTA offer for families. In another, we talked about the amazing rain gardens and how we can create the education part of this project. We discussed ways to support our students and teachers in learning about the role that these gardens play in our community and environment.
After both of these meetings, I had the feeling of deep gratitude for this parent community that focuses on supporting all students and staff at Joyner. As I participate in the PTA board meetings, I appreciate the language that our parent leaders use in ensuring that the decisions we make and the activities we support can reach all members of the JYJ community.
It is that time of year that our PTA builds the momentum of membership and fundraising. I enjoy overhearing our PTA leaders talk with potential members about how the PTA serves. It is exciting to think about it all. I have already had conversations with the Science Go Round committee as we plan for yet another amazing experience in November. I connect with our Cultural Arts team as they plan for great opportunities for all students in celebration of the arts. I hear the conversations of our 5K committee in how to support the healthy choices we make all year. Our JAG office is looking for interested members. The Spelling Bee Committee is planning. The book buddy groups are getting organized. And yes, the Jamboree Crew is gearing up for another fun time as a JYJ community coming in October. The list continues on of the many ways our PTA serves and celebrates the learning and community of Joyner.
Thank you, Joyner PTA, for your support. Together we look forward to an incredible year!