The first days of school are full of many emotions. There is an excitement for our students who are returning for another great year at Joyner. There are nerves for the new classroom, new teacher, new, new, new. We also have many new Joyner families joining us this year. It is these connections that I have found such sweet moments.
On the first day of school as I entered classrooms, I met many of our new children again. While talking with each child, I found myself joined by a “veteran” JYJ student. They easily joined the conversations and shared how this new neighbor was their newest friend. Several students shared how they had already invited their new friend to play at recess. Time and again, I continued to see our new faces warm and begin to glow that Joyner kid smile.
I am so grateful to the community of Joyner that builds in the students the kindness to be a welcoming family. Our teachers model and teach about our school family. They build connections on day one.
It has been a great start of year especially in these small moments of connections. Thank you, Jaguars, for continuing to be the spirit that makes the difference at Joyner.