Tuesday was a very welcomed day. The first teacher workday is usually filled with many hugs, happy sharing and excitement. There is an energy like no other as desks are moved, books begin to fill the shelves again, pillows are fluffed, and new pencils are sharpened. The hallways are empty all summer and now begin to become charmed again. And it is the people.

Our first day was filled with staff development. Teachers learning together. The teachers at Joyner are incredible and brave members of a learning community. There is such a high level of commitment to listen and share and believe in our common work. Always the center focus is on children and the impact we make in their lives. The commitment continues to move me deeply when I sit in the midst of this incredible group of teachers.

We are preparing and on Friday morning we look forward to welcoming our families. Meet the teacher is always filled with a buzz and excitement. Nervous hands are outweighed by the excitement of connecting.

And we look ahead to Monday when we all come together to learn and begin a new school year. Joyner will truly become Joyner on that first day of school.

We have staff members who creatively design our staff shirts each year. We have all come to anticipate what creative celebration of Joyner will be expressed on our shirts. Today when the t-shirts were delivered and as we turned to the back with full anticipation, the celebration was of the people in our building. The people truly do make this place. We look forward to working together to support the learning of our students. We look forward to continuing to build our community.

We look forward to welcoming our Joyner family!