What a busy week!  This is the last “quiet week” before our teachers are fully welcomed back to begin our school year. Although the official teacher workdays do not begin this year until next Tuesday, our teachers have been sneaking in right and left.

It is a fun time at Joyner. We find ourselves reconnecting after being away. Teachers are anxious to get into their rooms. Many stop by my room to offer ideas that are swirling from the summer. Others carry in carts of ideas literally. I am always inspired by our teachers that carry their “work” of teaching children with them everywhere they go.

If you have seen the streets and parking lot around Joyner looking full, know that it is full of a Joyner staff excited to welcome our students into the new year. They cannot wait to begin their work with our new classes.

Be sure to watch your mailboxes with our welcome back letter expected early next week. In this letter you will find it full of information. Much of the information is a reminder of the safety practices of arriving and dismissing from school. You will also find important dates to kick off the year. Please take the time to look over this information.

We look forward to welcoming our students to Meet the Teacher next Friday, the 21st of September from 8:00 to 9:30. You will find tables with PTA members, Transportation representatives, Before and After School Arrival registration, school supply order pick up and carpool numbers.

Until then, know that our building is buzzing with excitement and we are working hard to prepare for a great start of the year!