I moved around the building this morning through the silence of the hallways. During EOG testing, our building becomes very quiet. It is a strange feeling to hear this silence and see all of the doors closed. But as I entered rooms where students weren’t taking the EOG, the world came alive. Students in fourth grade were working together in groups on math engagement lessons. Later I observed other fourth graders writing and exploring topics for the 60th year celebration writing. Technology tools were whirling. I also walked into science lessons in third grade. Kindergarten students were active in their Daily 5 reading. I enjoyed listening to a student in Ms. Piner’s room read to his partner a story he had written about turtles. He was fascinated to share this with his friend.

We are still in the end of the year assessment window, but we also are still in the teaching window. Our teachers are working together to create and design instruction through the rest of the school year. Keeping the routine is important for our students and for us. Our students seek the pattern of their day. Although we have had to run different schedules to make room for the testing and be respectful to those in those classrooms, we still are focusing on the work of learning.

I am thankful to our teachers who seek to help our children keep these rhythms. Even as we start to recognize we are now under 10 days of school, we will continue to value our time together. I encourage our families to value this school time as well. Keep the rhythm of bedtime and schedules too. I know this becomes more challenging as summer sports heat up, pools are open, and vacation plans begin to form. Summer camps are finalized. Daycare options completed. Our summer schedules seem to start creeping in. We have less than two weeks. Let’s help make it strong for our students!