The rhythm at school is kicking up! Staff moves at a quicker pace. Conversations seem to move faster. Teachers are focused on diving into assessments. Meetings have more of an urgency. Deadlines are starting to approach for the end of the year. My schedule seems to be full every day. I find myself making appointments that squeeze into 15 minutes of free time here and there. Parents connect and share how they rush to find those last few open weeks that need a camp or daycare. Students share the dress rehearsals that are approaching and end of season tournaments they are leaving for on Fridays.

Our tempo and pace picks up this time of year. Can it really be almost mid-May?

Thankfully our students slow us back down. I love the tweet that Ms. Childress sent out earlier today about a third grader stopping and talking with her in the hallway. One of the many reasons I love school are those times that kids stop me. I cannot help but melt a little when a student stops to talk with me about something important like a book they just checked out or an issue they are having or a concern they are struggling with or just want to talk about something as silly as my hair! Taking in those pauses are terrific in this quick pace time of year.

So I notice how our fifth grade students seem to linger just a little bit longer around Ms. Burston and I in the mornings during arrival. We allow conversations to go a bit more than we usually do. Parents of fifth graders linger after meetings to talk about their memories of Joyner and share their melancholy feelings of leaving so soon. I am so appreciative that many of our fifth graders recognize their experiences at Joyner and are joyful and thankful. I love when they seem so wise as they reflect on their time and share their emotions on moving on.

And I also notice how our kindergarteners just continue to skip and hop and leap into school in the morning. Their big grins seem to give no indication of the summer break ahead. To them, this school thing is just rolling along. They skip down the hallways without really knowing having never experienced their first summer break yet. I am sure they can feel the excitement because they have that great intuition. But what the excitement is for… perhaps not.

I wish everyone a great next month together. Try to keep up with the different beats that come. Keep connecting your child to the learning we still have. Enjoy the momentum and energy. And I plan to just continue to tap my foot with this quick step until the end.