I am so thrilled to join our 5th grade on the field trip to Washington DC. I happily made it for our Capitol picture and tour yesterday. In that tour, our guide shared at the very end how travel really is essential in our education. I felt him wanting to impress on the students how lucky they were to have the opportunity to come to learn in DC. He was proud of his work and the history and connection he was making for our students. He expressed his wish that all children had this opportunity. I quietly thought how he was very “IB” in his statement.

At dinner I talked with some parents about all the field trips their children have been on at Joyner. It was fun to listen to these 5th grade parents reminisce. I noted that as IB learners, we like to get out into the world to see it in action. Our teachers don’t hesitate to add this extra work to their plates in planning and designing incredible learning opportunities because they know the value it has on the students. I am so grateful that our teachers do plan these trips and find ways for all children to participate and be included.

There were so many moments yesterday that I will hold close of our JYJ students having connections to their learning. Our guide was inundated with questions from our inquirers. Our teachers had prepared them so well, they were hungry for more. They didn’t need the basic information, they wanted it extended. Eyes popped in discovery of seeing things in real life. Kids shared with me their surprise of seeing moments in reality. Even our parents shared things they learned from our tour.

We could not do this without the organization of our teachers. We could not do this without the support of our community. And our children grow in their learning because of this commitment.