It is that time of year that as I flip my date book pages setting meetings, making plans, I realize how little the number pages it takes to turn until we are at the end of the year. There are many things that we start reflecting on and making plans and decisions for next year. We start scheduling those annual end of the year meetings. I even sent out the call for input forms for parents for class lists for next year. Quite easily we can get caught up in looking ahead to next year, if we are not careful, and not look at our present in front of us.

Yesterday afternoon the buzz of the end of the day was starting to pick up. I walked up from the lobby towards the third grade hallway. I noticed students working in partners and independently with papers, boards and calculations. These students were from Ms. Kaswarra’s class. They were quickly checking with each other and moving around the space outside the office and into the hallways. I stopped a couple of students to ask about their work. They quickly explained and move back to work. I just smiled, leave it to our third grade teachers taking account of everyone moment of the day. I loved the idea that even as we counted down our minutes until dismissal, our teachers were engaging students in the present and in the learning.

This is a lesson for us all to hold fast to staying present. Absolutely the planning and designing for what’s next is important. What is also important while our students are with us each day is to stay in the present. We know the end of the year is coming with End of Grade tests and mCLASS assessments. We want our students prepared to show their successful year of learning. But we also want to keep them focused on the learning that we have in the present. It is April. And let us enjoy each present moment that we have together this school year!