On my desk sits a homemade pottery bowl that was a gift from my husband. In it I keep chocolates. These are special chocolates only for the staff in my building. I started this practice a long time ago. I like to have something sweet for those days when someone might just need that little something.
I have learned to love that bowl of chocolate. Not because I munch on it, actually I don’t. I love it because my staff has learned to love it. They are comfortable to stop by and pick up some candy for the road. Sometimes if I am there, I get to connect. We sometimes talk about life and more often we talk school. In those moments, I hear some of my best stories of what is happening at Joyner.
Teachers truly know how to celebrate. They have a gift to see the joy. They share these stories and gifts with each other. Sometimes the stories they tell are not as joyful but are also important to share. There are moments around the chocolate bowl that we find solutions to problems. Ideas are shared. I always love when others join the conversation and true collaboration and innovation happens.
I am grateful to the Joyner teachers who connect with each other in many ways. And I am thankful to have a space that teachers feel comfortable to reach out for a piece of chocolate and talk. The stories I hear help paint an even richer picture of the work we do.
We might not have a water cooler, but a bowl of chocolate might be even better!