What a wonderful feeling to open our school doors on Monday and welcome everyone back to school. The school building seemed to let out a deep breath and just exhale. The last few weeks with the continual anticipation of snow or ice or cold and its impact on the day has been an uneasy experience. I imagine each morning our students wondering what the day will bring.

It is a truth that the majority of our students are delighted to see snow flakes fall. The anticipation of finding a sledding hill is number one priority. As a kid in the south, we don’t have the opportunity to go out and play in that white stuff all winter. So there is an excitement to having that chance. And I agree that many of our teachers also enjoy that wintry fun!

But after the sledding is done and the snowmen are built, there is also this strange sense of lack of the structure our children know from school. They might begin to miss their friends and their teachers. There is a connection to school that children have. These past two weeks with the multiple days off sure made me miss everyone!

I enjoyed walking around on Monday hearing the voices of our school. Over and over, I walked into classrooms and heard teachers express their gratitude of being back. Students’ hugs were big and their smiles bright. I even had a student discuss with me that I could tell the school board that we didn’t need spring break now because he missed school. I might not go that far, but I take that as a true sentiment that we all felt. We missed school.

And I am happy to jump back in and see the Joyner family back together again. I am happy to see everyone safe. I am happy to see the reconnection. And I am happy to see everyone get back into our school life.

Welcome back!