Today was Wake County’s Magnet Schools Open House. This is an opportunity for our district families to select magnet schools to visit and consider. Although all of our schools offer tours throughout this season, these are opportunities to take a tour with a bit more comprehensive view of the school.

I love any opportunity that I can share the incredible learning and teaching that happens at Joyner everyday. I love talking about what makes us unique. I truly believe the people who make Joyner so special involve not just the Joyner staff and students but the families that come with those students. Sharing that important component is critical as we talk about Joyner to potential new family members.

As a magnet school, we have students that travel to Joyner from all over Wake County. There could be a concern that some of our families would feel disjointed and unconnected if their child attends a school far from their home. But I love how the Joyner community considers this and embraces all of our families in many ways. Of course, we are always open for all to come in and connect with teachers and each other every morning. But when our families cannot make it then, we offer those opportunities to come in other ways. Our Spanish dancers always draw our community together. Our PTA amazing events like the 5K and Jamboree are other moments to come together. Science Go Round, Night of Nonsense, our 5th grade Exhibition Night… so many great opportunities.

Today was a success. I enjoyed sharing the every day life at Joyner. Our children were themselves. Our teachers just directed their day as any day. And the energy in the building was the usual authentic buzz. And all of that real-ness helped us share to our visitors. Thank you to everyone that helped create that normal day today and every day.

And to all of our visiting families, I wish you well on your journey. Until we meet again.