If you have never been in an elementary school the week before the winter holiday break, you might not quite understand the amount of energy that we are containing in a building. There is a buzz unlike no other. There is excitement and anticipation. There are nerves and worry. There are things that children cannot control that stay in their mind. But overall, there is just a lot of energy. The wiggles are on high.

As educators, we know we have to teach through all of this energy. We know that we cannot just give up this week. So we get creative. We use this energy in the work that we do. Students are given more brain breaks that provide opportunities to actually move. I hear songs for dancing. I see students outside doing extra games with purpose. Students are given activities that allow them to stand and move in the classroom.

Families, as you receive this energy at the end of this week for two weeks, keep on offering those movement activities. I am sure your children can share different dances and actions they have learned at school. Take those moments to get outside and play. Our students love to do the jobs we give them at school. Think of jobs you can include at home. Jobs allow children to feel even more connected to the workings of their day.

Also provide opportunities these next two weeks to exercise the brain. Allow your children to read aloud to you. If you have company, what a great joy to share a story or book. Share stories and memories with your child and allow them to share those stories with others. Find ways to sneak in these activities to keep the minds at work.

Have a wonderful holiday break. I wish everyone a safe time away and look forward to celebrating a new year with all in January.