This past Monday evening I was in a meeting that I had to introduce myself and share an interesting fact about myself. In one of those end of the day moments, I had to just think quick and it came to me. I shared that I love this time of year. I know it is typically the madness during the holiday season that keeps it from being always enjoyable. But I truly try to stay in each moment. I recognize with my own children how time quickly flies. As we follow family traditions, it is easy to be reminded through them how quickly they grow. Only a few short years ago, they were toddling around not understanding the swirl of excitement around them.

I think about this as we come towards the mid-point of this year. I already can see the looks on our fifth graders as they start talking about what middle school they might select. I see the skip of our kindergarten students who are now confident in their walk in the door in the morning. Students navigate their school world like they know it. Because at this point in the year, they do! They know when to get that next library book. They know their teacher and how the class runs.

In our staff meeting this month, I asked the teachers to consider those goals we made for our students at the beginning of the year. We talked about what our students needed to move to the next grade level. So this month as we look at these last few weeks before the mid year comes, we reflect on this journey for our students. We are pushing forward with our reading expectations. We want to make sure they are keeping track of that math growth. We want to be sure we are caring for that social and emotional change that comes at each critical point of their age.

This is a time of excitement and activity. But it is also a time to stay in the moment and be present in our learning. Each day is important. Each opportunity to be at school and learning is essential. Each connection, each an opportunity. Stay in the moment these last couple of weeks of 2014 and see how richer and greater each of those moments then can become.