I find myself in many meetings about kids. These meetings can be with parents about their kids. Our Professional Learning Teams discuss the different learning styles of our learners. I connect in meetings with teachers and parents with other professionals about particular learning needs. Teachers might come by seeking a collaborative conversation of what strategies to try to support an individual learner in a struggle they need to overcome.

Each time I have these conversations, I am struck by how beautiful the people of Joyner talk about our children. I listen to how a teacher will describe to a parent about the learning style or what seems to be important to that child while they learn at school. Parents sometimes are even surprised when a teacher will mention something very meaningful about a like or dislike that their child has shared. I love how parents share the stories of their children as well. It is important to hear how they process school with their parent, to hear what they found important to share.

Knowing our students allows us to be certain we are meeting the individual needs. I also find that is how we are able to build our family relationships. These relationships and taking the time to get to know kids is why students continue to visit former teachers. Building relationships with teachers of siblings gives younger students an opportunity to not fear moving up in a grade.

I am always so thankful to our families for sharing their children with us. And this is not just in the sense that they send their children to Joyner. But truly sharing the joys of the child. I am happy to hear of the accomplishments outside of school. I am grateful to see pictures of celebrations. I revel in the details that kids will share of a vacation or experience over the weekend.

When we know our children, we connect. We connect with parents over this precious person that we share. Thank you for continuing to share your child’s story with us and we look forward to sharing the story of their school experience with you.