Do you remember that moment when your toddler asked you “why” for the first time? And then the barrage of questions that ensued thereafter? At Joyner as an IB school, we encourage the continuation of questions. We celebrate the inquirer.

Questions are how we learn. But I also want to encourage parents to understand that we want our students to have the ability to seek the answers to their questions. This should be a lift and sigh for parents. You don’t always have to know the answer. Curiosity is what keeps our minds brilliant. When your child asks you a question, turn it back to them, “How can we find out?”

I enjoy so much having children stop me in the hall and ask about something. They always want to know why. They want to understand. And through that seeking of understanding, they are learning. As a school diving into Conscious Discipline as well, we want students to understand why it is important to make safe choices.

Our second grade team has embraced the many questions about the wildlife they kept seeing outside so they created a “I wonder” board in the hallway. They have pictures of the different creatures. Students are encouraged to pose questions on the board and then look for different answers. What a wonderful celebration of natural curiosity and questioning! How wonderful if we did the same thing at home! Seeing things in the world and allowing our children to wonder about it or model that wonder yourself. Then together try to find the answers. See what other questions you then have. This is the real learning that we will hopefully continue to do as a life skill. Our toddlers model this life long learning so well. Keep wondering and growing.