Last night I attended the Wake County Principal and Assistant Principal of the Year Celebration. It is an incredible opportunity to sit with colleagues, celebrating their work. I sat in a room of amazing leaders and listened to each of the finalists share their joys of being the leader of a school.

I am proud to hear so many of the inspirations that I also find in my job. We wake up early and begin. We are relentless in our goal to serve our students and staff. Our work is more than a job. Our work is truly for the creation of the future.

I spend my days jumping from situation to situation, moment to moment, issue to issue, celebration to celebration. The activity that we see each day is incredible. As the principal we know the levels of intensity and heart that teachers put into their work for children. We see the passion in their eyes as they worry for students and celebrate their students. We hear the concerns and problem solve constantly. We creatively try to get the resources that our teachers need each day. We seek to find the supports and the solutions. We listen a lot!

We know the emotions that enter our building each day from children. We know when there are great days and happy days and birthdays. We know when the day might not have started on the right foot. We know when something worries our children. We hear from parents. We offer an ear. We do our best to make each day at school the safe learning environment for each child when all else in their life might not feel that way.

I am so thankful for the leaders in Wake County. I appreciate that my colleagues share this passion that I have. And I congratulations those winners from last night for all that they stand for and do for children!