Working into our fourth week of school, I really feel the rhythm of the classes starting to move. At the beginning of the year, there are many required assessments that teachers do as whole class and with all individuals. This information gives teachers great starting points to know what instruction needs to come next for our young minds. Our team meetings are opportunities to connect and make plans. We celebrate success and plan for opportunities in growth.
I have found myself spending more time sitting with our students this week as I visit classrooms. I enjoy joining classroom discussions and listening to the thinking our teachers encourage. When I walk into a classroom of readers, I slip next to a student and ask them to read to me. I enjoy taking these moments to ask some questions about their thinking. I am curious about how they are understanding the math they are working through. This is the celebration of what school is about. The active process of learning.
The joy of being an elementary school principal is experiencing students who may have never sat in a classroom before or had the opportunity to learn and watch these students grow to fifth grade students full of ideas. I watch those first moments of hesitated exploration with letters on a page flourish to lengthy expressions of thoughts and ideas. Artists bloom. Bodies learn to skip, hop and then run. And I watch the comfort of our students as they move through the building and have more relationships with the Joyner staff.
I strongly encourage parents to consider the journey your child is on these years at Joyner. Celebrate the growth they have made and help encourage them to set goals to come. Thank you for sharing these important years with us. We truly treasure each learning step along the way.